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Foreign Concepts

I’m distrustful of men who dig Asian stuff. Anime, manga whatever…you know they’re really just hot for Asian chicks. Well, no yellow fever here, I’m all about the peculiar charm of anthropomorphic characters, ad copy turning poetically earnest in translation and the twisted things foreigners do to good ol’ fashioned American cooking. Of course, I’m open to quirks of all cultures, but Asians seem to have the corner on the market.

You might find it surprising that I love Engrish, considering my usual low tolerance for ESL, but massacring the English language occurs in varying degrees. People abusing apostrophes and quotes as in: Juicy Apple’s For “Sale” makes my bones hurt. Seeing a fruit cart advertising Orinjs instead of Oranges or a middle aged Hispanic woman obliviously wearing a tee shirt reading “Me So Horny” makes me smile a little. But “The Art of Hot. Side by Side, I’ll be yours forever. Because please don’t weep.” printed on the side of a styrofoam cup is smile-inducing on another level.

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