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Character Building

Right now, I have one word for you: San-X (or is that two?). Sanrio’s still classic, but San-X is the cat’s pajamas. Poor little Kogepan initially sucked me in. I mean, who can resist a sad sack piece of burnt bread that carries a bindlestiff and gets drunk on milk? He’s in good company with demented friends like Melonpan and Mayonnaisepan. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

While Kogepan initially peaked my curiosity, the whole San-X stable is bizarrely food heavy. Examine the weird tasty evidence.

Cheese Family Just what they sound like. More official cheese.

Omusubiyasan Um, it’s an onigiri, or rice ball—what I eat almost every day for lunch. Not a well-known character, for obvious reasons.

Mikan Bouya A homesick, mandarin orange. And fruity friends.

Beer-Chan I’m not sure what it is, though I think it’s female and likes beer. Better than your typical college freshman, though.

Nyanko Cats in food. Not so appetizing in reality, but very cute in cartoon form.

Sugar Recipe Food with faces. But of course.

Yogurt Kun Live cultures never looked so good.

Ginsyarisan Part boy, part grain of rice.

Chestnuts I don’t know if they have a catchier name, though chestnuts sums them up succinctly.

Tomato Bird A true freak of nature…but so damn adorable.

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