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Golden Arches

Costcutters_1  Hey, there's more to Elizabeth than Ikea. On the way to Trader Joe's in New Jersey, we'd always pass this golden arch that had nothing to do with McDonald's and wonder what treasures might lie within. Now I know. Cost Cutters is like a giant, independent drug store with a dash of Odd Job thrown in, housed in a '60s storefront.

All of your toiletry, snack food and Rubbermaid staples are covered. Cost Cutters epitomizes the concept of notions–it does put ideas in your head. Most of the products are average priced, but there are random doozies like super cheap Stewart's soda (I don't even drink soda but was seduced by a key lime four-pack) and weirdo brands I thought were long defunct. Who knew Aziza still made eye shadow? I wouldn't say Cost Cutters is worth going out of your way for, but if you ever find yourself on Elmora Ave., do stop in. Make an afternoon out of it–go wild afterwards and eat a sack of slyders at the White Castle up the block. They post seating time limits on the wall, but don't let that deter you.

Cost Cutters * 190 Elmora Ave., Elizabeth, NJ

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