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Flushing Food Court

Aw, it's been replaced by a book store. (11/7/05)

I'm not sure if this is called Flushing Food Court or if it's just Food Court, the latter is what it says out front. I had high expectations for the two-storied hodge podge of stands. I knew it'd be about as close as I could get to hawker style dining in NYC. But almost half of the stalls were closed. And there was some language trouble. I think I'm particularly bad at communicating with ESL's or NSL's (no second language, to be more precise), which wouldn't be surprising considering I'm not so hot dealing with born and bred Americans. There have been debates over whether invisibility or the ability to fly would be better super powers. However, I've always thought that being able to speak and understand any language or dialect at the drop of a hat would be the ultimate power skill. James and I wound up being served a double portion of a stir fried lamb noodle dish, when in actuality we attempted to order both that and a soup that I'd heard raves about. I'm not deterred though, I'll get it right one of these times.

FlushingFood Court * 36-58 Main St., Flushing, NY

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