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Brooklyn Banh Mi

I’ve since re-rediscovered Vietnamese sandwiches after moving to Sunset Park a couple years ago. Despite the good Mexican food strip and the Chinatown, the neighborhood is mostly home to a disproportionate amount of harrowing Brooklyn trash (people, not garbage, duh). Thank god the area is also host to an abundance of great banh mi. An Dong was my original discovery. Ba Xuyen soon followed. Now they have a bright and shiny second branch on 8th Ave. in the low 40s that kicks ass in every way possible. They’ve upped the goodie quotient with tons of sweet things in the self-serve case and a table full of snacks, many a mystery to me. In addition to great fried spring rolls (one morning I was all sad because they didn’t have any, but it was just because they hadn’t been cooked yet. While waiting for my sandwich I was able to witness fresh, hot spring rolls being brought out. It was my lucky day.) they often have two different types of summer rolls. The one with pork and shrimp is just meaty enough to ruin the seemingly healthier effect of fresh versus fried rolls.

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