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Midtown Friday’s

All those commercials about "in here it's always Friday," making the chain
dining experience look like a blast, the bartenders something like
"Cocktail" era maestros, don't apply to this location. Chains are weird in
NYC to begin with. At least the Times Square location can boast being the
largest in the United States. Since chains are always inexplicably busy,
hour or more waits not uncommon for Olive Gardens and Red Lobsters, it
seemed baffling that TGI Friday's could be dead, on of all nights, Friday.

Along a tourist corridor, the prices were easily $5 higher than
reasonable for fajitas, chicken strips and the like. But the suburban
experience in the city doesn't come cheap, and I could abide that. We were
quite possibly the only "locals" downing Buffalo wings and BBQ chicken pizza
that evening.

TGIFriday's *
1680 Broadway, New York, NY

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  1. UngaBot #

    This is perhaps (or was perhaps) the worst tgi fridays in the entire chain.

    I was there a few times back in the mid 90s and the staff looked like they were all on drugs including management.

    Food took forever, and was wrong, Staff was rude, bartender had a big mouth and was saying disguting things to this girl that looked like a stripper (something like “tit out” or something)

    Worst Fridays Ever

    October 31, 2006

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