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House of Pizza and Calzone

Hmm, strange that I've never mentioned the re-birth of HOPAC. They closed last summer around this time and got me scared, so I ran over and bought a bunch of deep fried calzones (I live down the street now). But then they re-opened with new owners who seem to be doing things the same way where the food is concerned and unlike the old way where everything else is. And that's a good thing. They're actually open on weekends and after 5pm and have coupons and delivery menus and all that. (7/27/05) 


I’ve got two words for you: fried calzone. Deep-fried, that is. It’s the perfect dish to compliment the recent frying frenzy that’s resulted from giving an electric fryer to James for his birthday.

Perched between the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, this gem is a true hold-out. The food’s as straightforward as the name. Don’t be surprised by guys with greased hair, mammoth gold rings and smoking stogies. I actually heard a beefy fellow sitting behind me utter "fuggedaboutit" like you think they only do on TV.

He, however, was not a Brooklyn local, which became evident when he told the group at his table (which included an Asian woman with that same heavy New York/Italian accent) "they don’t have calzones like this in Staten Island." Ain’t it the truth–I’ve never seen calzones like these anywhere. (4/6/02)

House of Pizza and Calzone * 132 Union St., Brooklyn, NY

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