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Rochjin means fishball in Thai and last I heard, fishballs were their
specialty. Were is the word here. They didn't have them the night I stopped
in, and I'm under the impression they may have been removed from the menu
Regardless, the staff was very eager and helpful, explaining dishes in
detail and apologetic as to the unavailability of the yellowtail snapper
(hence the fishball problem). The food, however, isn't typical pad Thai
joint Thai. It's not fancy fusion Thai either. It's vitrine-topped table,
Frank Sinatra playing Thai. Dishes with names like Chili on the Pond and Taj
Mahal lovers abound.
They're definitely aspiring to something. Hopefully, the past won't be an
indicator–the previous shop selling durian ice cream and pork buns only
lasted about six months. (3/28/02)
*Poor Rochjin. They can now be added to the list of goners. They've been
closed for at least three months now–I don't think they even made it to the
six month mark. (10/2/02)

Rochjin Asian Noodle * 92 Third Ave., New York, NY

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