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Rochjin means fishball in Thai and last I heard, fishballs were their
specialty. Were is the word here. They didn't have them the night I stopped
in, and I'm under the impression they may have been removed from the menu
Regardless, the staff was very eager and helpful, explaining dishes in
detail and apologetic as to the unavailability of the yellowtail snapper
(hence the fishball problem). The food, however, isn't typical pad Thai
joint Thai. It's not fancy fusion Thai either. It's vitrine-topped table,
Frank Sinatra playing Thai. Dishes with names like Chili on the Pond and Taj
Mahal lovers abound.
They're definitely aspiring to something. Hopefully, the past won't be an
indicator–the previous shop selling durian ice cream and pork buns only
lasted about six months. (3/28/02)
*Poor Rochjin. They can now be added to the list of goners. They've been
closed for at least three months now–I don't think they even made it to the
six month mark. (10/2/02)

Rochjin Asian Noodle * 92 Third Ave., New York, NY

Delhi Palace

People seem to prefer Jackson Heights over Sixth St. Indian. Maybe they
equate travel time with authenticity. Regardless, I do think Delhi Palace is
a notch above.

I tried a lamb and turnip curry, crazy potato-stuffed, battered, fried
peppers akin to chile poppers minus the processed cheese and the lentil
donut. The food had a fresher, clean quality than I'm used to.

The latest word on Jackson Heights Indian is a new place that starts
with the letter S. You can never keep up with this city, can you?

DelhiPalace * 3733 74th St., Jackson Heights, NY

Bonnie’s Grill

In the spirit of trying restaurants near my neighborhood while grabbing a
good burger at the same time, Bonnie's jumped out, stood at attention and
delivered. I was always wary of this place, and for no good reason, it turns
out. They have solid offerings like beef on weck, pulled pork sandwiches and
Buffalo wings. Recently I've developed an addiction to french fries, and
their accompanying chipotle mayonnaise (they appear to have a hot spicy
theme, which I didn't know about) revved up the yum factor. The clincher in
my thumbs up assessment was the beer of the day that included Krista in the
name (can't remember the exact brew, unfortunately). Despite its
un-rareness, I never see my name anywhere, so the novelty swayed me.

I've been back plenty of times since March '02, but Bonnie's is just one
of those places you take for granted. Totally hungover on a Sunday after my
birthday party, I became entranced by Bobby Flay grilling burgers on TV (you
know I was out of sorts if I was actually paying any mind to Mr. Flay) and
became obsessed with finding a burger a.s.a.p. It was Bonnie's who came to
my rescue with a nice plate of Buffalo wings, medium rare cheeseburger and
perfect fries. The fries are really good, they might be lightly seasoned,
but I'm not sure with what. They now have plastic dispenser bottles of the
chipotle mayo on the tables, which is great for the mayonnaise-phobic like
me who like control over their condiments. (7/24/05)

Bonnie's Grill * Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY