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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut. What more can I say. After a hard afternoon at the International Food Warehouse, a sit-down suburban-style meal seemed in order. We went wild and ordered not only the large Meat Lover's pizza (which boasts six cheeses–how on earth is this possible? Besides middle-American stand-bys cheddar, Monterey jack, mozzerella and parmesan, what else could they be using?) but Meat Lover's pizza with stuffed crust. Oh, and some cheesy bread too (with tomato dipping sauce). We left full of cheese, grease and starch, yet not fully satisfied. Pizza Huts just don't feel the same as they did in the '80s, though it's entirely possible that tastes refine a bit between the ages of nine and 29.

Pizza Hut * 160 US Highway 46 E, Lodi, NJ

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