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Alphabet Kitchen

I don't know when they closed since I'm rarely in the East Village anymore.

I've stared at this place's facade what feels like a million times. It's
directly across the street from one of my regular haunts, the creatively
named Bar on A. Even though the word kitchen is in its title, for some
reason it never quite clicked that it was a dining establishment. It's right
next to Brownies and used to be…I'm not sure what it used to be, but I
don't think it was a restaurant.

So, it never occurred to me to check it out until I heard they did a
good, non-mobbed brunch. I still haven't gone for breakfast, but it popped
into my head for dinner recently. It turns out that the cuisine is Spanish,
which certainly put James at ease since that's one of his favorites. More
often than not, I'm dragging him to random Asian places with varying degrees
of success.

A (shared) pitcher of sangria and tapas like grilled squid, crab and
shrimp stuffed eggrolls (getting all fusion on me), mussels, clams and
chorizo were good choices. The tapas are available in small and larger
sizes, and entrees like braised lamb and paella are also on the menu.

Now I've got to see about that brunch. (12/20/01)

Never sit in a back garden in 90 degree weather, no matter how pretty it
looks, no matter that nary a single person is sitting inside. We attempted a
brunch in the blistering heat, and while the food was fine, the seating
arrangement may have not been the wisest. I'll never understand all those al
fresco dining fanatics. (6/30/02)

My first low carb meal in public. What with the bread basket and free
flowing wine, it was tough to sit empty handed drinking tap water. I was
able to survive on chorizo, mussels, endive and machengo cheese. It didn't
kill me. (1/9/03)

Alphabet Kitchen * 171 Ave. A, New York, NY

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