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Pizzeria Uno

1/2  *The East Village Uno is no longer. I had no idea there were three other Manhattan locations. (11/07)

Number one, huh? Well, I don't know if I'd go that far. I've been curious about this seemingly suburban oddity on Third Ave. for some time now. Like who is it meant for? Homesick NYU students? Low-grade thrill seekers like myself? I guess it's not that far fetched, Dominos and Pizza Hut both seem to thrive in a city known for authentic pies. Why not throw a little Chicago deep dish into the mix.

Pizzeria Uno succeeds (with me) on two counts. One, the novelty factor. I'm not familiar with the chain, as it's not a West Coast thing. And I can't resist an uncharted sit-down franchise. Two, the disgusting nostalgia aspect. I don't know if it's the World Trade Center horror or what, but I've been craving all sorts of weird food I normally wouldn't. Thick crust pizza with sausage and green peppers, for one. I hate sausage and peppers, it's the kind of icky topping my mom would order when we were kids and I'd scornfully pick off. But I found myself eating an iceberg lettuce salad and combo pizza without even flinching. So, this is what the world's come to?

I felt sort of weird and conspicuous sitting in the window of the place, the same way I do when sitting outside at Dallas BBQ, like jeez, someone could see me. As if I'm better than cheesy, mass produced food. Later that night I saw our waitress at James's corner bar, Finnerty's and I semi-cringed. But then, what's more humiliating–to eat at Pizzeria Uno or to work there? Yeah, answer that.

PizzeriaUno * 55 Third Ave., New York, NY

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