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Times Are A Changing

Milk Changer Oreos  I’m not a big fan of store-bought cookies, but I always skim the shelves for interesting new additions. There’s always TV and movie tie-ins, like some “Atlantis” cookies from Nabisco or who knows what company. Cookies are right up there with breakfast cereal for advertising co-branding (hideous word, I know) potential. I like to note which Keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe cookies are on the shelf, as the colors of the M&M-like candies are seasonal. They do pastels in spring, red white and blue around Fourth of July, darker jewel tones in the winter, etc. If you see the pastels in Nov., you have an idea how well a particular store monitors its stock.

But the new Oreos are the point here. I guess the stuffing contains some sort of dye that colors your milk pink when dunked into it. Creepy if you ask me, but then I was the kind of fussy youngster who wouldn’t drink milk unless my mom made it green with food coloring. All that coddling stopped by kindergarten, but I can’t deny the existence of the bad habit. Obviously I was born about 25 years too early, the food world would be my oyster right about now.

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