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Chip Shop

I don't even like fish and chips fish, however, I do like heavy,
fried food like steak and kidney pie–and who can say no to chips with malt

The menu was typical casual English food in a sit-down fancified
environment with prices to match (not that they were outrageous or
anything). It's all to be expected since this isn't an authentic chip shop
replica, it's a dining establishment in a gentrified neighborhood. My
favorite Park Slope moment came when the kid at the table next to us asked
his mother, "what kind of music is this?" and she informatively replied,
"techno." Ah, Brooklyn and its free spirits.

The funny part was when they told James he'd received the last piece of
cod. We also ordered fried Mars bars and when they said they'd have to check
if they had any, it made me a little nervous. It wasn't until we left that I
noticed the sign on the door (that wasn't there when we entered) saying
they'd ran out of food, and due to the impending storm, didn't know when
they'd have more. Not just out of fish, but food altogether. That was
pretty absurd. I don't know if it was opening week underplanning or if Park
Slope residents just love their pub fare. I felt lucky to have snatched up
the last scraps.

It seems that I've been spending an inordinate amount of time in
brownstone Brooklyn these days. I guess I never frequented the area until
late '00 when I got a job in the neighborhood. It's not something I want to
make a habit of. Be forewarned, it's the stomping grounds for aging,
were-never-quite-hipsters, and precocious tots and the parents (who are
largely comprised of the aging, were-never-quite-hipsters) who made them
that way. (3/3/01)

Deep-fried Twinkies…what more can I say? (9/6/02)

Chip Shop * 383 5th Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY

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