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Closed: Huh, this is the first time I've become aware of a closing within 24
hours of the establishment actually shuttering its doors. Often months (or
even years) might pass before I realize a restaurant is no longer with us.

It's hard to give a well-rounded assessment since the only thing I've
ever eaten at this establishment is the B3 burger. James and a coworker
almost swear by it, but I'm not all that impressed. For one, it comes with
chips. Homemade chips, granted, so they're all fresh and crisp from the
fryer. But I don't like chips. I've got horrible eating habits and love junk
food, yet somehow I've never managed to develop a taste for chips, hot dogs
or soda. I wish I could say the same for sweets of all sorts and french
fries. I can't resist a fry, and call me a traditionalist but that's what
burgers should come with.

The B3 burger sounds good in theory: blue cheese and pepper bacon, but
the cheese is barely recognizable. If you're going to put that much extra
fat on a burger, it ought to be tasted. Oh, I've also had mussels, which
were perfectly fine. The weird part was when the waitress (who was crouching
next to the table–I hate it when they do that chummy stuff) asked, "are
mussels good for you?" and my first thought was that she must mean are they
high in fat because that's all girls seem to care about. So I told her they
were very low in fat, but she wanted to know about nutritive value, which I
was pretty clueless about. So mussels=fine, burger=passable. I'll have to
try something else next time, and I'm sure I'll be back since it's just one
of those places. (3/26/01)

B3 * 33 Ave. B, New York, NY

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