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Miss Williamsburg

I really shouldn't be writing about this restaurant because anything I say
will be clouded by the all-around bad night I was having the evening I dined
there. I had too much to drink before showing up at 11pm (an hour before
closing) and got into some heavy relationship talk (which I never do) and
was irritated by the pretentiousness of putting on the menu how you couldn't
have extra parmesan or lemon in your espresso (not that I would ask for
either, but the fact that they were so overly bold their attempts at
authenticity like some hipster Mario Batalis). I barely tasted my food–a
shared mussel appetizer, farfalle with artichokes and part of a panna cotta,
ended up bawling for no good reason, then getting a $75 bill (which at least
I didn't pay for). All in all, a night to forget. (2/17/01)

Miss Williamsburg Diner * 206 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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