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There's nothing inherently wrong with this restaurant. It just doesn't put much of a smile on my face. I never look forward to dining there, yet somehow I've found myself inside more times than I'd like to admit. For a city that supposedly never sleeps, it's odd that this is one of the few 24 hour options in the East Village.

This Sat. we got a late start–too late for pizza at Time Cafe or mussels at Belgo (It was a Lafayette kind of evening). We wandered, all the while knowing in the back of my head that 7A is where we'd end up. I threw a minor fit like some bratty food snob (which I'm really not) when it was suggested. This is drunk food and I've actually had some memorable 4am moments there, but it's not where you should begin the evening. 7A a last resort of blah sandwiches, burgers and nachos. At least you won't leave poor and still hungry, I suppose.

The funny thing was that on this crabby night, we ended up running into the people we were supposed to be hooking up with for drinks later on. No fancy- meeting-you-heres were even exchanged. I mean outside of Odessa (which I like) and Stingy Lulus (which I'm so-so on), where else would you be eating after midnight? No surprise at all.

7A * 7109 Ave. A, New York, NY

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