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Vietnam Banh Mi

This place totally rules. I'd been looking for a place like this since I
first moved here. In Portland, I used to frequent this take-out shop, Cali
Sandwiches, next to a Plaid Pantry, which was along the same lines. A small
variety of offering like Vietnamese sandwiches (or Saigon Subs as they like
to call them in Toronto), packaged shrimp chips and cases of homemade
desserts in wild colors made from ingredients such as tapioca, agar agar,
coconut milk and rice. They also have fresh squeezed juices and oddities
like a basil seed beverage.

I'm used to a choice of meats, but there wasn't even a menu so I just
ordered "two sandwiches" and hoped for the best. The banh mi were advertised
on the awning and there were French rolls behind the counter so I figured
I'd get something at least vaguely related to what I was used to. I got
barbecued pork and that's just what I expected, so all was well. They ask if
you want hot sauce (and you do). Though I was accustomed to a $1.50 price
tag, the $2.50 for the New York version is a bargain. It doesn't get much
better than that. Now, Nem is a horse of a different

Viet-namBanh-Mi So 1 Inc. * 329 Broome St., New New York

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