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Daily Chow

* I'm not sure how long Daily Chow has been closed, but it just now
occurred to me to mention it. (10/05)

This was a spur of the moment Friday night choice. New, in the
neighborhood, and I'd heard they had fancy cocktails like ginger kamikazes.
It's one of those Pan-Asian deals with Korean, Thai, and Chinese touches
plus a Mongolian grill to boot. The place had sort of a bar/clubby
atmosphere with emphasis on the drinks, loud funky beats, and a spacey

With that said, the food wasn't bad. They have lots of finger type foods
and I didn't feel like a meal meal so I tried the country combo (as opposed
to the city combo, which was a vegetarian sampler–so city folks aren't
supposed to like meat?) which came with duck wraps, chicken satay, steamed
dumplings, fried calamari, egg rolls and a cucumber, red-onion salad. Very
tasty. I also had a bite of the beef with holy basil, which was surprisingly
hot and spicy for such a mish-mash restaurant.

But what really bowled me over was the Thai banana split. The
description said something along the lines of ice cream with lychee, longan,
jackfruit and bananas with chocolate sauce. Whoa, while fruit is my least
favorite food group (I know it's always lumped together with vegetables,
which are perfectly fine in my book), I did appreciate their use of exotic
Asian fruits in their cocktails and desserts. The mysterious part was
deciphering what the three scoops of ice cream were. One was clearly
coconut, the other was green tea (at least I think so because it was green),
but the middle scoop was sort of chunky and chalky and bad and good at the
same time. Very confusing, but sometimes I like a restaurant to leave me

Daily Chow * 2 E. Second St., New York, NY

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