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So Cultured

03142011-yogurt-by-the-numbers-pg8 For the past few years, I’ve checked the dairy case at Western Beef on every shopping visit waiting for the miraculous day when Greek yogurt appears next to the Yoplait and Tropical (because I'm rich, you know). Even Costco and BJ’s sell it at this point. Only the old-school New Yorky cheddar, mozzarella and pepper jack for cheese selection stores are still holding-out.

My day may be coming soon, though. The harbinger was seeing my first TV commercial for Greek yogurt, Dannon’s entry, the other night. Mainstreaming. According to a recent Ad Age article citing Mintel and SymphonyIRI data, Green yogurt is one of the fastest-growing grocery categories and this style makes up 12% of the total yogurt market.

Then again, Western Beef’s slogan is “We Know the Neighborhood” and I don’t know that the residents of the semi-industrial Ridgewood-Maspeth border are clamoring for thick, unsweetened dairy products…yet. Maybe once the ladies get a load of these ads.

In non-yogurt-related Greek miscellanea, I finally watched Dogtooth last night. Wow, kind of a more incesty, un-Shyamalan-fied The Village.

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