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Troublesome. I wouldn't go back to this location, not that I really have
ties to the East Village any more. I guessed the prices would be a little
more than in Queens, but they were markedly more. $4.95 bbq skewers were
re-priced $7.95 for Manhattan. I could even deal with the increases if the
service wasn't so nutty. I waited over 30 minutes for a not large take out
order. Waiting always makes me really nervous, that they've forgotten
me–maybe I have abandonment issues. (I've had the same jumpy feeling at
DiFara's, but they're famous for taking their sweet time.) And only did so
because it was Sunday night and I was dying for lechon, but it wasn't the
crispy, yummy lechon I was expecting (kawali, I've since figured out), but
the liver-stewy lechon (paksiw, which I've also since figured out), which
wasn't bad but it wasn't the fried treat I was looking for. Back to

Krystal'sCafe * 171 First Ave., New York, NY

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