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Color Me Bad: Easter’s Most Wanted Purples

This ube ice cream sandwich (should really just start calling this Ube Patrol) currently at OddFellows Sandwich Shop was my pick for amazing purple edible thing of the week. A Danny Bowien/Sam Mason co-creation, it also includes coconut dulce de leche and shiso granola, and I want it.

But then Dallas BBQ posted a purple long island iced tea, and in its own typical lily-gilding fashion, adds a Peep, shot of rum, and upturned bottle of moscato. Wow?

Um, and there’s a Dallas BBQ just four blocks from OddFellows…

Color Me Bad: Golden Cristal Ube Donut

Well, shit, I would’ve paid more attention to that gold doughnut if I knew it contained an ube mousse. And I feel kind of like a perv, but all I really want is a glimpse of some of that purple. Every online example is just pristine gold, gold, gold, which makes me think no one has actually spent $100 and ripped into one. I will just have to imagine based on Manila Social Club’s purple frosted ube bae donuts instead.

Update: Brooklyn Magazine was given a gold doughnut. “After everyone took a lot of pictures of the doughnut in various settings, I cut into it, and took a bite. Cameras went crazy as I put the first yam-Cristal-gold nugget in my mouth.” And yet not one picture exposing even a flash of purple.

Same thing with Grub Street. “I’m going to cut it with a knife. Oh! It’s purple inside. What’s that?” But no damn photos.

Thankfully, this photo appeared in my Twitter feed while scrolling in effort to motivate myself out of bed this morning. It didn’t work, but it did satisfy that part of my brain that wanted to see a doughnut’s purple interior. That’s a poi malasada from the Kamehameha Bakery in Honolulu, by the way.