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While the Time debacle was sucking up everybody’s attention yesterday, a most important (highly unrelated) tidbit was overlooked: the teen from Me and You and Everyone We Know is a chef?


As beautiful as the food at Alumette looks, I would have a hard time not thinking of pooping back and forth forever while eating it.


Photo: Tasting Table

In-Store Eating: Steak and Potatoes

Which eating and drinking establishment within a store are you most looking forward to?


The Gorbals inside Urban Outfitters’ Williamsburg outpost. I’m still outraged about the liquor license denial because I wanted to drink a Dick in a Hat while shopping for an OBEY Vagabond Fedora.


Makers and Merchants, i.e. the Brooks Brothers steakhouse.


The Roof, which, er, will be on the roof of that Gowanus Whole Foods that’s been in limbo for years. Wegmans has an in-store pub called The Pub, so why not?


The Williamsburg Rough Trade cafe from Five Leaves folks.

taters tits

TNT a.k.a. Taters ‘n’ Tits in an unspecified North Carolina mall.

Photos: Urban Outfitters, Brooks Brothers, Wegmans, Made in Shoreditch, HBO