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Posts tagged ‘Pack(age) Rat’

Pack(age) Rat: Budget Kattemad

Budget kattemad

I think I said I would stop buying cat food while
abroad. I had to make an exception for this sardine-flavored can of Danish kattemad, though.


Pack(age) Rat: Eroski Miaou Bocaditos

Eroski miaou

The cat food bought at an Eroski supermarket somewhere
between Bilbao and San Sebastian is as good a Basque souvenir as anything. Keep
or toss? This can will also get a reprieve.

Pack(age) Rat: Jimmy’s Beef Jerky

Jimmy's jerky

A combination of spring cleaning and semi-voluntary downsizing has forced me to revaluate all the crap I've accumulated over the years. And by crap I mean cans, bottles and jars of food purchased primarily for the labels. I'm keeping all the blue Pepsis, though.

First up, Jimmy's Chinese Style Beef Jerky, bought in a Canadian Chinatown who knows when–apparently, quite some time ago, based on this message string from 2006 about the brand's disappearance.
Nice not-quite-pastel color palette (you thought I was going to type palate?) and unintentionally(?) retro graphics, reminiscent of a '60s travel poster. No, this box isn't quite ready for the recycling bin yet.