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Posts from the ‘Santa Cruz’ Category

Tacos Moreno

I heard this was the place to go for tacos, but they were closed every time
we passed by. Luckily, they were open our last day in town. I got carnitas
as usual, and they were good. I was nervous and in a rush so I couldn't
savor them as I might've liked to. They're the only place I encountered in
SC that used beans in their tacos. Is that all right to do?

Tacos Moreno * 1053 Water St., Santa Cruz, CA

Taqueria Vallarta

This seemed like a more commercialized Taqueria, right on the shopping
strip, all colorful and airy. I was wary, but after seeing the ad for menudo
Saturday and Sunday (it was Saturday), my hesitation melted. You just can't
find that stuff here. Well, not with all the add ins like lime wedges,
cilantro, oregano and chopped onion. Perfect breakfast food.

Taqueria Vallarta * 1101 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA

Taqueria Santa Cruz II

I know this was a late night taco run, all my tacos from this brief visit
blur together a bit. I know I ordered carnitas because I always order
carnitas. I imagine that they were good. You know, things don't stay open
late in Santa Cruz, you can't smoke anywhere and lots of people wear
sandals. That has nothing to do with tacos, but I had to get it out.

Taqueria Santa Cruz II * 1002 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA