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While everyone and their pet pug now know that Di Fara is the shit, its not
always a wise move on a Saturday night. Youve got to have patience and
sometimes youre willing to take good enough over good when waiting for good
things can mean an hours wait.

We were on a terrorizing unfruitful journey to Brooklyns bowels, trying
the Starrett City Target instead of the Elmhurst location and testing out
the Kings Plaza H&M rather than heading into Manhattan. Next time well
bypass Brooklyn, thank you. But dealing with Flatbush Ave. and Belt Parkway
traffic works up an appetite.

Totonnos is cute, particularly for its lackluster location on Neptune
Ave. I was initially put off by the young Italian toughs rapping out front,
but it was ok once inside (where I was then put off by the table with a
classic loud Brooklyn construction worker type. He was with two quiet
Mexican men and a woman, maybe he was their boss, maybe they were friends,
but he was barking out everything he wanted, “Hot
peppers!”  “another pie—pepperoni.” He wasn't
addressing anyone in particular, like this is how he gets served at home or
something, but of course none of the staff found it odd. I'm always freaky
the other way, too namby-pamby  when I should just be “gimme
this, gimme that”).

The menu is bare bones with toppings youd expect. We chose pepperoni and
mushroom, and in less time than expected our charred on the edges, crispy
pizza arrived at our booth. Good stuff, though perhaps a touch too blacked
around parts of the perimeter. But hey, think of all the calories avoided by
leaving the crusts behind (Glamour magazine actually advocates this
practice as a weight loss tip).

Totonno’s * 1524
Neptune Ave., Brooklyn, NY