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La Maison du Couscous

Couscous, tagines, and bastilla, oh my. There's almost nothing finer than
that sweet/savory flavor combo you get from meat and sugar. Meat pies beat
all. This place has it all over Moustache (hmm…they're not Moroccan, are
they? You know what I mean). The staff is incredibly friendly and the food
is affordable, even to folks like me. If La Maison du Couscous was in a
hipper neighborhood than Bay Ridge, it'd be a crowded mess for sure.

LaMaison du
* 484 77th St., Brooklyn,NY

Cafe Borobudur

I guess I eat, well at least I order, too much. A request for Nasi goreng, fish in chili sauce, sate, corn fritters and fried chicken caused the waitstaff to move us from a two-seater to a bigger table. Was I a pig? I started eavesdropping and people on one side of us were just eating soup, while the couple on the other side were only eating appetizers. What's wrong with these people?

Cafe Borobudur * 128 E. Fourth St., New York, NY


I'm not sure what I'd expected for my Valentine's Day treat (though I'd
hinted at AZ) but I wouldn't have predicted Suba. I think I was just scared
because of their gimmicky dinner in the dark thing, and that I'd heard the
Valentine's dinner came with a blindfolded dessert tasting. Who needs all
that forced sensualness? All was fine, the duck with coriander (I usually
don't like whole coriander seeds), avocado, scallop, and potatoes was nice,
and thankfully, the dessert sampler came with an optional sans blindfold.
This is another one of those special occasion dinners where I drank enough
to make detailed food recall fuzzy.

Suba* 109 Ludlow St., New
York, NY