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Crepe Place

It was a wedding rehearsal dinner. What more need I say? We were offered a
choice of three crepes, including the amusing Alexander the Crepe (the Crepe
Gatsby, was unfortunately not on our list, though it's on the regular menu).
Oh boy, who could resist. All the 25+ people at the dinner received full
crepes while James and I only got half portions. If I wasn't so tipsy, I
would've been really pissed. Obviously two other people did half orders and
didn't bother to claim them. Were these health-conscious Californians trying
to tell us gluttonous New Yorkers something?

The Crepe Place * 1134 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,CA

Taqueria Santa Cruz II

I know this was a late night taco run, all my tacos from this brief visit
blur together a bit. I know I ordered carnitas because I always order
carnitas. I imagine that they were good. You know, things don't stay open
late in Santa Cruz, you can't smoke anywhere and lots of people wear
sandals. That has nothing to do with tacos, but I had to get it out.

Taqueria Santa Cruz II * 1002 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA