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Fast Break

Reese's FastBreak It’s not every day a new candy bar comes along. The last memory I have of a new major candy debuting is from the Portland Starlight Parade circa 1981 when people were passing out promotional Twix bars to the crowd. Caramel and cookie covered in chocolate? Oh my. (Do they still do the Oreo version? Now that’s just over the top.) It makes more sense for a nine year old to get excited over new candy than a 29 year old, but some things never change. I’m not even sure if the FastBreak counts as a major invention. It’s not from scratch new, just a variation on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup theme with added nougat and in stick form. But at four for a dollar at Rite Aid, who’s to argue?

Mars 2112

This Paramount-owned, sci-fi "eatertainment" establishment scares me a bit.
Back in the day, well '98 when I first moved here, a zine-friend visited
from S.F. and wanted to check out Mars 2112. She reported that it looked all
slick, mysterious and intimidating at first glance. But upon further
inspection it turned out to be an intergalactic, kiddy theme restaurant. We
were not deterred. This was in my tightwad, no-money-to-spare days (funny,
sounds just like these days) so I was a little nervous about throwing money
away on overpriced pizzas and "marstinis," but you've got to throw caution
to the wind in the name of novelty sometimes.

Mom and the stepdude saw an ad and wanted to visit. It's the king of
out-of-towner restaurants. Really. I don't think they knew what they were in
for. An immediate tip off is the warning posted about high blood pressure
and pregnancy near the interactive ride to the dining area. I got a little
nervous (last time we went through a back way). If you make it through the
simulated ride to Mars, you'll be treated to roaming aliens in the dining
room and piped in Dead or Alive tunes. Ack, scary. Rosie O'Donnell
reportedly loves the place, and if it's good enough for Rosie
O'Donnell–hold on–that's the scary part.

Mars 2112 * 1633
Broadway, New York, NY

Harley-Davidson Cafe

Maybe it was because I wasn't in the highest of spirits the day of my visit,
but the prospect of a theme restaurant didn't give me the rush I've come to
expect. It was a concession to the stepdude, husband of my mother. I'm all
for keeping him quiet and happy, and besides, he paid. It's food, food, you
know. Burgers, sandwiches and pastas priced about $3-$4 over their true
worth. It's all about atmosphere, right? The funny thing is that I've never
really associated D2's "New Moon on Monday" with bikers. You live and you

Closed: who knows when?

Harley-DavidsonCafe *
1370 Avenue of the Americas, NewYork, NY