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And I Thought Tin Was For Tenth Anniversaries


Sometimes I like to feign horror (ok, I'm not pretending) over that special breed of public proposal: the good ol' ring in the food surprise. But I love this crazy, semi-related twist. Finding a pearl in Carrabba's mussels and using it as an anniversary ring gem? Perfect.

What Do You Propose?

Diamond3Two food-related proposals (chocolate chip cookies and an Italian menu were involved) made it into this New York Times piece about people, i.e. men, with too much time on their hands (I kid–this is romantic, right? Right?)  yet neither involved hiding the ring inside of a dessert or plate of pasta. So much disappointment.

In a related article, one woman was spurred into becoming a proposal planner (do I hear a second career calling?) after a friend was presented with an engagement ring at the bottom of a KFC bucket. See, if I were the proposal planner I would take my $99 fee and suggest the Famous Bowl instead.

Photo: My Lucky Fortune

¡Dairy Queen® para toda ocasión!

Dq proposal
Last week a gentleman dressed like Cookie Monster, or rather El Monstruo ComeGalletas, proposed to his girlfriend in a Dairy Queen somewhere in Mexico.

As usual, the most important part of the story has been omitted. Was the ring hidden in something edible or not? They do sell Chips Ahoy ice cream sandwiches, after all.

Photo: Dairy Queen (en español) on Facebook


Saucy balls In a round-up about the best NYC restaurants for a marriage proposal, you know there will be cloches, champagne flutes and crème brulee employed. It couldn’t be any other way.

My favorite of the 12 is the guy who had The Meatball shop stuff a ring inside of a meatball destined for delivery. Because meatballs are kind of gross (I know, I know, everyone loves meatballs) like a wad of saucy meatloaf (yes, everyone loves meatloaf, too). It would only be improved by stashing jewels in pile of Manwich.

Because I am half-robot, crying at wedding proposals is no more a reasonable response than emotional stress leading to regurgitating the contents of your stomach. Therefore, my least favorite example while the most elaborate, is Eleven Madison Park presenting a cloche with the ring to the gentleman and one hiding tissues for the lady. I am, however, closer to understanding the barfing thing.

Photo from Dining@Large

Indecent Proposal


I'm no TV recapper and I'm certainly not going to start now (especially since the Top Chef Masters episode in question aired nearly a full week ago). But what? A surprise marriage proposal meal (for a woman whose favorite foods are salad and pretzels and has never shellfish? At last that's what I think she said–I wasn't really paying attention because I was imagining all the places a diamond ring could be stashed) They could’ve at least made up for subecting viewers, i.e. me to such pap by going full-on cheese and HIDING THE RING IN THE FOOD. Has everyone become tasteful all of a sudden? Even IHOP let me down. Oh, and she said, yes, by the way.

That’s So Cheesy

So close…yet so far away. IHOP goes as far as setting up a marriage proposal in the ad for the new Double Cheese Scrambles, and then they don’t even use food as a ring presenter. What else is Stuffed French Toast good for?

Yes, and soon it will be available in the freezer case at Walmart.

It’s Greek to Me…You…and Now Us

Baklava Why oh why do I get PR pitches for mommy-and-me cooking classes and using popcorn fish to create sliders for Super Bowl when what I really care about is gentlemen proposing to their ladies using food (would it ever be the other way around)?

It seems that Greek mini-chain, Kellari Taverna, will be awarding a lifetime of free Valentine’s dinners to the first five couples that propose marriage at the restaurant on February 14th. A ring is required; sadly, hiding it in one of the courses is not.

I’m totally going to stash a ring in a wedge of baklava and surprise myself.

Baklava flag infant bodysuit from CafePress

A Wing and a Ring?


Promising! Maybe fried chicken and cheese waffles were involved.


This is what Twitter was made for.


Don’t go giving me any ideas…

I’m Loving It


Many Americans (ok, probably just a few) find White Castle to be perfectly appropriate for Valentine’s Day celebrations, so it’s not that much of a stretch to see why Hong Kongers might want to get married at a McDonald’s.

For me, this might be one of the few ways that a marriage ceremony would be palatable.


Playing Lady and the Tramp with a French fry instead of a curling string of spaghetti? Fun.

Is a cake of apple pies really that different from our ubiquitous cupcake pyramids and nearly as popular Krispy Kreme towers?

The only missing part of this story is where an onion ring was used in the marriage proposal.

Put a Ring On It

Onionring “’He asked me to pick out some spices to flavor the onion. When I turned back, he was holding a ring of onion and had the goofiest grin on his face as he started placing the ring on my finger,’ Ms. Bertozzi remembered.

Spontaneous, sure, but it would’ve been so much better with an onion ring. I’m picturing one of those towers they serve at Red Robin.