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Eaten Not Blogged: So Beefy

Old habits die hard. Eaten Not Blogged, which should technically be Eaten Barely Blogged, is what I ate during the past week but did not photograph and don’t feel like elaborating over yet can’t ignore completely. No one should feel compelled to read this; I just like keeping tabs on things.

Benchmark: The steak—a funky, dry-aged New York strip with great fat marbling—is very good at this semi-hidden but not at all speakeasy in Park Slope (the décor, not clientele feel more Bay Ridge/New Jersey). Everything else was a just ok B-. Poached egg in the salad was more firm than runny, the cocktail with Applejack (I always will order the Applejack drink) was kind of fruit punchy (with bright red commercial maraschino cherries, which I am fine with since they are a dying breed in Brooklyn) and the home fries and brussels sprouts were all softness, when I wanted crispy contrast.

The Full Schilling: One of the many non-destination pubs (there aren’t any destination ones, by the way) near my office, I eat lunch here maybe once a month and always get the steak salad (no, I don’t normally eat steak twice in a week) with blue cheese and a red pepper dressing. Just club soda because I’m afraid of becoming a daytime drunk. Believe me, I’m tempted to step out for a drink daily.

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