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Eaten, Barely Blogged: The Steak Fry Scourge

Oreida_steak_fries The Irish Punt: If there’s anything I’ve learned from this recent recapping exercise, it’s that I eat pub food way more often than I had realized. Ham and cheese panini, side salad and a club soda. Pubs always prompt me to bring up my distaste for steak fries even when no one has asked me my opinion on styles of fried potatoes.

Pearl Street Diner: Cobb salad while the person sitting across from me ordered steak fries and a bunless turkey burger a.k.a. a dry, gray, naked patty on purpose. I’ve decided that there is no more telling a personality indicator than fry preference. Mealy.

The Mermaid Inn: Strange that this is where I ate Friday night (it’s a Lent thing) considering I had a BlackboardEats discount that I’d let expire only five days earlier. My full-priced skate with capers and brown butter and shared oyster, ceviche and clams platter and two glasses of Torrontes were fine. And the freebie chocolate pudding is a nice touch. The odd thing is that I’m using Mermaid Inn for a story I’m working on—their trademark fortune teller fish plays a role—yet, we weren’t presented with the little toy at the end of the meal.

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