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White Kat, Big Kat

So, I hear there are White Kit Kats floating around NYC. Supposedly, they’re at Duane Reade, but I haven’t seen them. Duane Reade does have the limited edition dark chocolate Kit Kat, but who cares — that’s too classy. White chocolate is all cheap and gauche, just like me. And why is there no American Kit Kat site? I see British and Japanese (damn them, they have strawberry, banana and Hello Kitty varieties No white, though). I think it’s because Hershey’s sucks, and Kit Kats are made by Nestle elsewhere. Oh shit, but look at this. A Hershey’s mega store opening in Times Square holiday season 2002. Isn’t that right now?

Maybe I should just hold on to my horses. England had the Big Kat first, then we got it, so maybe we’ll eventually get the white chocolate and orange varieties too (they can keep their mint version). It’s just like the dulce de leche M&Ms. New York’s always the last to know when it comes to mainstream confections.

Also heard, but not seen is the rainbow Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish. I’m starting to think I imagined seeing an ad somewhere.

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